Just One Thing | Michael Phelps and Managing Yourself

michael phelps gold medals

Michael Phelps knows something about management.

So many people were tearing Michael Phelps down–you’d might have thought he was running for president.

He was seen online, around the world, smoking pot and partying. He gained a lot of weight and appeared a bit of a lost soul. He trained hard and lost the weight. Then he performed at such a diminished level early in the 2012 Olympics that many were writing him off.

Today, Phelps dug deep and pulled up such power and heart that he will now live in history as the most decorated Olympian ever.

He overcame his greatest opponent: himself.

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Just One Thing | Collaborate Across Generations

Collaboration is the order of the day.

There is no more valuable collaboration than that among generations. Together, they can create breathtaking value, innovation and change.

It is of urgent importance today, as technology connects everyone, enabling extraordinary individual performance and expression. Each generation has much of value to add to the others. Wisdom lies in ascertaining when and what to learn and incorporate.

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Just One Thing | Meatless Monday

Meatless Monday.


It’s based on a simple, powerful notion that can be applied throughout our life and work.

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Just One Thing | Speak Your Vision

Speak your vision.

Simple, powerful… so often neglected.

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Just One Thing | Texting and Email and Telephone

How do you decide how to communicate with friends and family and people in your business?

Are you serving them in your choices? Or following unexamined habits or customs–and serving yourself?

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Just One Thing | Create Joy Amid Necessity

Several years ago I emerged from several hours of rather mundane labor, having removed and replaced two toilets in my home.

A neighbor, noticing the movement of boxes, came over to view the results. He was complimentary of the work.

His wife, on the other hand, diminished it. She said, “Well it’s not really anything….. He enjoys doing it….”

She touched upon something important. Unfortunately, since she did not frame her observation in terms of a question, the underlying issue didn’t remain alive through the oxygen of discussion.

In fact, she was only partly right.

She regarded my cast of mind as an accident. In fact it was the result of decisions I was determined to make and carry through. The rather unremarkable work at hand was just an occasion to apply my chosen thought process.

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Just One Thing | Silence is not Agreement

creative commons license, onceandfuturelaura, flickr

One sees it all the time: disputatious individuals who assume that others’ silence represents assent.

That assumption can be unfounded.

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Just One Thing | Tip Hotel Housekeepers

Not Downton Abbey….

Do you tip hotel housekeepers?

Most people would never neglect to provide a tip for a bellman or restaurant wait staff. Yet many people apparently don’t provide for hotel housekeepers.

Surely we can all do better.

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Just One Thing | Pursue Your Calling

Image Credit: spindustry.com

April is the Global Month of Service. It’s a natural time to review one’s own service, to renew our commitment to align our life and work and values.

Hopefully, based upon input from others, you’ve been able to answer the question: How Can You Best Serve?

Have you been able to identify your calling? Have you discovered how you can make your unique contribution?

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Just One Thing | How Can You Best Serve?

Image Credit: spindustry.com

April is the Global Month of Service. It’s a natural time to review one’s own service, to renew our commitment to align our life and work and values.

A powerful question for daily living and life planning: How Can You Best Serve?

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